Amazon Fantasy: Top FREE vs Top PAID

Via a great post from the trusty YA Indie blog, I thought to look at what motivates Amazon Fantasy buyers in the Top FREE vs Top PAID sections.

Amazon Fantasy Bestsellers found here.

Nine out of the Top 20 PAID fantasy bestsellers were INDIE.

Three out of the Top 20 PAID fantasy bestsellers were by George R.R. Martin (you know, the creator of the A Song of Fire and Ice book series / A Game of Thrones TV series)

Even more interesting that besides GRRM, one other author claimed more than one title in the top 20 PAID list – Elizabeth Hunter. An Indie author who published her first  three novels within eight months of each other. Her leading novel is currently dominating the Top FREE list and she has THREE novels in the Top 20 PAID list.

Do you know what this means? 9 out of the Top 20 Bestselling Fantasy Books on Amazon did not go through an Agent or a Publisher. 

Regarding the Top FREE list only one of the novels isn’t Indie. This isn’t surprising since Traditional Publishers never give away books for free unless it’s an ARC for reviews or limited-use promotional material. I do find it hilarious that the only non-Indie free novel is by the well-known and long-dead author Lewis Caroll.

Out of the Top 20 PAID list the majority are either HIGH FANTASY or CONTEMPORARY/URBAN FANTASY. 

What does that leave out? Dystopian, Steampunk, Children’s (this does NOT include Young Adult), Historical, Dark Urban (think Laurell K. Hamilton)

Out of the Top 20 FREE list there is much more variety, but the majority are URBAN FANTASY or CONTEMPORARY THRILLER FANTASY.

Why did you separate contemporary and urban for the FREE section but not PAID? Because there was a clear distinction in the works of Cont/Urban in Free section and enough contemporary/urban works to justify the difference.

What’s Contemporary Thriller Fantasy? Girl lives in small town USA, girl discovers magical powers, girl discovers a syndicate is after her in New York / girl discovers a serial killer is on the loose in her small town, girl must save the world/her small town with new powers.

Amazon updates it’s sales numbers hourly so the outlook will change but this is pretty interesting data.

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